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   The three year anniversary has passed since the wildly successful erotic hypnosis course.  As you can see from the testimonial, version 1 and version 2 was an incredible success.

  This is because students were able to communicate with me in email, skype or phone and I could guide them. In the past three years I've learned even more and taken erotic hypnosis to a whole new level that I would like to share with you. The focus will be heavily on erotic hypnosis and how to satisfy your partner or strangers in ways you never dreamed possible.  

Students have the opportunity to speak with me directly and as a result experience the kind of success like the one you can read about here  

Whats included in the download?

You will get access to an online account on www.hypnosiserotica.com where you will get weekly lectures and  manuals on erotic hypnosis.

You will have the opportunity to request specific information for each lecture.    The lectures will be in mp3 and movie format so you can watch them or listen to them in your ipod. Y


 How do I buy it? You can purchase and sign up for the course by clicking here        

You will be able to download them at your convenience once they've been uploaded.

  1. How to give 5 - 20 minute orgasms to yourself and strangers

   2. Instant inductions, NLP inductions, telepathic orgasms

    3. Mind dolls, virtual romance worlds

    4. anchoring romantic and sexual responses

    5. Healing low libido or any sexual disfunction

    6. Increasing your sexual pleasure with your partner

    7. Mutliple Orgasms for Men and women

    8. Using Erotic Hypnosis on strangers and for entertainment.

    9. Dangers of Hypnosis that you are not told about

   10. The Power of Eastern hypnosis

   11. New improved confidence to hypnotize mp3

   12. Unlimited Email consultation  ( or Skype and Phone Consultation by appointment ) I am proud to be able to provide this so you can actually get feedback from me if you have any questions or sticking points.

  Whats the best way to maximize effectiveness? Just listen and learn weekly as you go along. Remember to email me, skype me or call me if you have questions, What makes this course different is that you have me as your personal mentor.  

What is the expected outcome?

Within one month you will be giving your partner, or random strangers orgasms and erotic experiences beyond their wildest dreams using the power of hypnosis. What would it be like to walk into a bar and captivate everyone as you give away orgasms with a snap of your finger? What would it be like if you sparked the passion back into your own love life?

  What commitment do you have to make?

Enjoy the weekly lectures  and skype me, email me or call me if you have a question.   What if i have more questions on how to use it? Every customer gets life time email consultation just send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.  

 What kind of money back guarantee do you get?

Here is where it gets really interesting!! All students who submit a video of them using the information taught in the class to give 3 different people a hypnotic orgasm will get their money back. Think of it as an extra bit of motivation for you to learn the information. Its a bit of a win / win situation. You have increased motivation to learn the material and see it works and the world gets to see that this really does work. The average person can learn this easily. I offer a money back guarantee if you don't see results AFTER 60 days of consistent use. This is to avoid people from downloading the product and trying to get it for free by saying it doesn't work after one day. I know the products work if you use them consistently.

 How do I buy it? You can purchase and sign up for the course by clicking here        

Erotic Hypnosis Course Testimonial Talmadge... I feel bad that I haven't kept you updated on what is going on... So here is the quick "down and dirty"... I have sort of changed my routine with my wife.  I used to ask her if she wanted to be hypnotized and then we had a specific place where we would go... a set and predicable routine. By accident I discovered that I didn't need to do that.  Now, when I feel like I would like to put her under, I just wait until she is in a relaxed place (soft chair... couch... etc.)...  and then I put her under by using her trigger phrase "sleep for me now"...  It is still amazing to me... she always goes into a trance immediately. 

I ususally just do a short session so she won't miss the time.. but she has been very responsive to my suggestions (as I will tell you about below)...  and the interesting thing is that she does not remember being in trance.  In fact the other day she said to me...  "you know I always enjoyed it when you hypnotized me...  I hope we do it again soon."...  I had hypnotized her just the night before.  I don't think she is faking it because of how she responds when she in under... and how she respond to my post hypntic suggestions.

For example... she has always had a "thing" about her breasts... especially her nipples...  and never really wanted them touched, etc.  I have been giving her the following suggestions... 1) it feels so good to have your breasts massaged.  2) you become deeply aroused when I play with your nipples and 3) you find it unnecessary to wear a bra around the house.  Over the last several weeks she has responded to each of those suggestions.  First, one night when I was giving her a back rub, she rolled over and said, "tonight I feel like having my breasts massaged as well"...  I have also noticed that she responds positively when I massage her breasts and play with her nipples durning lovemaking... and, last week when she came home from work she took off her bra as she was taking off her coat...  I looked at her a little funny and she said, "you know, it is much more comfortable to not have to wear that... and it really isn't necessary when it is just you and I at home"...  the interesting thing is that she doesn't think this is anything but a natural behavior that she has decided on herself... and the reaally good part is that I can tell that it brings her a lot of pleasure.  She enjoys it...     2)

The interesting thing about this one is that I only gave her this suggestion once... and she totally responded.  It is also the last suggestion I gave her, so I am wondering if as she gets more and more used to being in trance, she also becomes more and more receptive (is that true???)...  She always enjoys it when I rub her hair... and durning that time, she has always enjoyed it when I gently rub behind her ears.  So I told her...  "you will become aroused whenever I rub behind your ears... and then each additional time I rub there you will become 5 times more aroused'...  and then I went through the progression when she was under. 

What is interesting to me is that while she was under she didn't really seem to respond.  In fact, I didn't think she had responded at all.  I really sort of forgot about it because I figured it hadn't worked.  Then the next time we made love, I was rubbing her hair like I always did and I rubbed behind her ear... the first time... not much of a response...  then the second time... I noticed that she tensed, just a little.  That reminded me of what I had done... I waited for a while and then did it a third time... that time her body tensed up (in a good way) and I could tell she was "feeling it"...  the fourth time she gasped for air and it was clear she was feeling it... the fifth time, I'm pretty sure she came...  the rest of the lovemaking was fantastic... and afterward she said, "that was so much fun... I can't remember the last time I was that turned on"...

  Again, while I enjoy this, the BEST part is how much SHE enjoys it and how much pleasure it brings to her. And the crazy part is that I am sure she is not aware it is from the hypnosis... if she is aware... she is an awful good faker. - Richard B.

You can purchase and sign up for the course by clicking here