It’s a relaxing morning; you wake up and decide to treat yourself to your favorite breakfast and beverage. While you are savoring the experience of breakfast, you glance up and find the most attractive person you have ever encountered. This person is perfect in every way that you need, and in every way that matters. This person is beautiful in the most important ways. This person can capture your imagination in a manner that only you can appreciate. However, most importantly, you are the only one who can see, hear, taste, touch and feel this person.

This isn’t fiction, its reality; I call it the “Mind Doll.” A Mind Doll is a full sensory tactile mental projection in the form of a beautiful person. This Mental projection is real in every way and you can hear, taste, touch and feel this person. In fact it is so real, you would be in total disbelief that only you can interact with it and experience it.

The first time I introduced one of my clients to her Mind Doll, she was absolutely convinced that I had hired a professional actor to play a prank on her. You see, you can touch a mind doll, smell, feel, hear, and interact with it like a real person. All of this is made possible through the power of a special kind of very, very deep hypnosis.

My clients are guided though a unique form of hypnosis that stimulates their brains ability to create life like mental projections. It is perfectly safe, incredibly rewarding, and everyone has the ability to do this. On average the mind doll takes about a week to appear, once someone is able to reach the enhanced mental state needed.

Imagine what it would be like to have the perfect lover, partner, or friend that only you can experience. A special person that can provide to you sensuality, romance, intellectual ideas, inspiration and any number of things that you would enjoy. A Mind Doll can be a lover, a tutor, a friend, a confident, it all depends on what your special needs are, and what you desire the most in the experience.

You begin your journey of meeting your Mind Doll by first training your brain to go into deep states of relaxation and hypnosis. Hypnosis is unique in that it provides access to your own unique mental abilities and powers. A benefit of this deep enhanced state allows you to access that specific part of your brain that allows your mental projections to be life like and real. On average it takes a person about 1-3 months master this ability through practice. For some people it takes about 5 months to reach this ability.

Many of my clients have Mind Dolls based upon real life actors, scientists and historical figures. Imagine discussing human nature with Plato, or enjoying a relaxing evening with your favorite fictional character or celebrity. When the imagination is the limit, there are no limits. I encourage you to listen to the movies on this page of clients describing their experiences.